Celebrate Body Confidence

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Celebrate Body Confidence #bodyconfidence


With millions of people working from home during the Covid pandemic, many women are unhappy with some weight gained during this time. It is shocking to know that 91% of women say they are unhappy with their bodies.

I am embarrassed to admit it, but I was one of the worriers! Although I can also say, now that I am in my 50’s, I feel a lot more confident with my size and shape. I wear a bikini on the beach and I do NOT try to compete with 'botox ladies'

However, it makes me sad to think that for years I battled the ‘perfect body shape’ demons, and part of me starting Viva Voluptuous/Viva Curve was (and still IS) to empower millions of women, from young to old, to accept and celebrate their bodies. FOLLOW us on Instagram to see beautiful pictures @vivacurve

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I have a close relative aged 40 battling cancer. That has made me realize even more how grateful we should be for the ONE beautiful body we have!

I decided to make a list of very funky Body Confidence tips :

  • Be unique! Don’t try to look or dress like everybody else. Be a bit wild, wear brighter colors and be confident. Don't blend in, it's so boring! Discover your Inner Hippy, your Vintage side or your Marilyn look!
  • Body confidence is attractive. Watch ‘I Feel Pretty’ with Amy Schumer. Such a fantastic movie! And until it comes naturally, fake the confidence and you will see how people start treating you differently
  • Make a list of what you like about your body. Don’t think or even mention the dislikes in this list, only positives! It can be things like great legs, a cute butt, smooth skin, gorgeous hair, a cute dimple!
  • Do something for YOU. How about belly dancing, cycling or climbing a mountain? Think fun and outrageous! If you’re up for it, don’t listen to any critics. You can do it!
  • Reward your body. It’s the only one you will ever have and it’s essential that you look after yourself. Whether it’s a facial every now and then or a luxury boudoir shoot, don’t neglect yourself.

Look at how the talented Julie does it

There's thousands of studios in the US, just Google some in your State

  • Respect yourself. My mom passed away 2 years ago and I realized we had very few pictures of her. She always felt she was overweight, not attractive enough and therefore avoided being in a picture at all cost. Don’t do that to your children, friends or family. Pose for pictures and accept the good and bad snaps…that’s life, your amazing life!

Cheers mom!

  • Social media…oh what a pain! I could have started tip number 1 with a statement ‘avoid social media’ but the reality is that it’s a tall order for most women. If you even dare to look at Instagram and Facebook, you will see pictures of ‘the perfect look’. How boring! Be yourself, with your own style and amazing body and personality. Stand out, be successful, YOLO!! And Follow us on Instagram, where you will see all sizes, and #nophotoshop @vivacurve
  • Start with self acceptance! Then you can consider self improvement if needed. Happiness is an Inside Job!

Happiness is an inside job

Lovely article

Celebrate Your Curves!



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