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Flaunt your curves this Valentine's Day with FREE SHIPPING

Posted by Elizabeth Willis on

FREE SHIPPING until Valentine's Day!


Red plus size harness bra strap set

Ladies, its been 3 years since we started to throw all our energy into Viva Voluptuous, and we feel stronger about the Body Confidence message than ever before!

We only live once, and we only have ONE Body, so wear what you want! Read this lovely blog '9 Reasons to wear what you want!'

Plaid plus size bra bralette set

Every women has a right to find herย Inner Goddess this Valentine's day, we are offering FREE SHIPPING!

Use Code 'Love2020' at checkout.ย 



Here at Viva Voluptuous we aim for comfort and sexiness! No more ugly beige! Gorgeous fabrics and bright colors up to bra size 50 and panties 8XL.ย 

Lastly, as you Celebrate Love (for others and for Yourself!), remember your are Amazing!

Follow this little sizing guide to determine your perfect bra size! Happy Sexy Shopping!ย 

Measure perfect bra sizeUnderwear sizing guide, Bra sizing guide

Happy Valentine's

Liz x





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