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Maternity Bra's that are super gorgeous and available in Plus size!

We at Viva Voluptuous added a third Plus-size Nursing Bra to our collection, and working on more Are you pregnant or a new mom? Are you tired, suffer from lack of sleep and feel like a milking machine?

Pink and champagne Lace Maternity Nursing plus-size bra

To make matters worse, all the Maternity Bras out there are ugly and beige! Well, here at Viva Voluptuous we are changing the world! Marie wrote the most amazing and funny article! Read it here Romper article

Red lace Plus-size Maternity bra

We now have 3 gorgeous Plus Size Nursing bras. They do have underwire but are unpadded, so more suitable for daytime or date night! The front clips are strong and easy to unclip and they have a good, soft cotton sling that makes breastfeeding  easy. Up to size 48G and a great variety of cup sizes. 

                                   Deep Blue Lace Plus-size bra

Here's a fab article with great Date Night ideas

WHAT COLORS WOULD YOU LIKE NEXT? Please tell us liz@vivavoluptuous.com

Happy Breastfeeding!

Liz x

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Blue Lace Panties-- S-E-X-Y!
Blue Underwired Plus Size Lace Bra is a stunner!
Thanks so much for the wonderful review!! It's fantastic to hear it from a man's perspective! Million thanks!!
everything is cute
We also love this mermaid bikini!! Glad you managed to get your size, hopefully more soon!!! Thanks so much for your amazing review!!
So Glam
Thank you so much for the lovely review!!! We are so flattered! The neon, turquoise and white are all similar design and fit. Thanks again!