October - Think Pink!

I thought I'd write this Blog to salute all the warriors amongst us. 2020 has been such a challenging year, and on top of that, thousands of women (and men) are fighting a Breast cancer battle (and other types of cancer). 

As I'm writing this...some of you remember our colleague Chanel, has been fighting cancer for 3 years. It's been a real battle and she's one of the 'young ones'.She was back in hospital last week, and no vitiros allowed - a cruel world we live in!

Those who know me, will know I'm a sucker for holistic health and I found this super article. I think we can all do with some good vibes. 

It breaks my heart every time I stop at a traffic light and clearly dignified looking people are begging. This Covid virus has affected people's lives so badly! And then some people have to battle cancer, alone in hospitals.

All I want to say today is do not judge people! Give help where you can, give a few dollars at the traffic light and be thankful for your blessings. Support friends and do what you can to keep yourself physically and mentally healthy.  

If any of you need to just chat or vent your feelings, feel free to drop us a line. Women supporting women is extremely powerful! 

And many thanks to all our customers for supporting us through these tough times. We appreciate it so much! 


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