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Ladies, with 85% of women wearing the wrong size bra, a common mistake is thus refusing to consider the possibility that, in most cases, your bra size has changed since the last time you were measured. In addition, age, lifestyle and weight will also affect this. Sadly a lot of women think the way their bra fits, is the way they should look. I absolutely hope in this article I can educate you to look and feel super fabulous! It's all about confidence! 

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Step 1, Use a good measuring tape and stand upright with no bra on when you measure your underband. it should feel snug, but not too tight! There's nothing worse than cutting blood flow off or not being able to breathe. Round up to the nearest inch. And be careful, wearing the wrong size can seriously impact on your health, read here 

Furthermore, the size of your bust will also influence the style you prefer to wear and I especially love this article from Esty Lingerie

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Step 2, wear your most comfortable bra. Make sure your boobs are in the place you want them to sit comfortably. Then measure around the fullest part of your chest. In order to find the right cup size, subtract your band size from this bust measurement. The difference denotes your cup size. 0 = AA; 1 = A; 2 = B; 3 = C; 4 = D; 5 = DD; 6 = F; 7 = FF; 8 = G. So let's say your over the bust size is 44 and your underbust is 38, the difference is 6. In other words, that makes you a 38F. 

Bra size guide, measuring your bra size

Step 3, adjust the shoulder straps, so they are tight, but not digging into your shoulders. In most cases the best way to test this is the put a tight t-shirt on. You definitely should not see any spilling or bumps, not in-between your breasts or under your arms. 

Obviously different brands and fabrics will fit differently. Furthermore, your underband should close on the further hook (widest) and be a little bit tight. The fabric will weaken a bit with wash and wear and if you have a row of hooks, you will be able to use the inner hooks over time. 

Tips :

  • If your shoulder straps are fairly snug, but keeps on falling down, it may be the slope of your shoulders. In that case, a racerback bra may fit better. It's important to find one where the straps lie flat and do not curl up.
          • Elomi bra converts to racerback, buy at Viva Curve, Plus-size bra
  • If it keeps riding up, either loosen the hooks or try a bigger band size
  • Ideally the bridge (the bit in the middle between the 2 cups) should sit flush against your breastbone. If too loose, absolutely try a different size. 
  • Likewise also remember that real boobs are much heavier than fake boobs, so you will need to consider mot only construction, but also style and support. The average weight for 38D 'girls' are a total of 3.3lbs and a 44J can be as heavy as 12lbs. If you are dragging that weight around all day, you must have good support.
  • In conclusion, at Viva Curve we go up to underband 50, that is even heavier. We aim to five you great support and a beautiful colorful bra. 

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