The challenge to make the perfect Plus-size Bra

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Red plus size harness bra, cage bra and panty set

Here at Viva Curve we strive to make the perfect Plus-size bra. must be beautiful and sexy too, and that's a challenge! However, the aesthetics of the bra is not something we will compromise on! 

Have you wondered why 99% of plus size bras available in the market are beige and ugly? It's designed by people who are NOT plus-size and do not care. We care and we feel every women has a right to wear lingerie that is sexy, beautiful and soft. And with plus-size, we don't mean just 36D...we go up to 50 underband and many in M-cups. 

Plus size lace bras with hearts. Red and black lace

Many companies will advertise plus sizes, but when you try and order, these are never in stock! They do not really make them in those sizes they advertise, as it's not an easy challenge and they chose the 'easy' path. 

I love this article perkyladyunderthings

She really discusses all the aspects that makes a plus-size bra so different. Stronger mesh wings (the bits around the back), a supportive strong cradle (the bit under the wires). We will add wider straps - it may not be super sexy, but if the 'girls' are heavy, you need comfort straps. And stretch lace or a bralette...good for wearing at home, but if you have 2 x 4lbs boobs to carry around all day, you need a strong mesh lining that will hold them up and give you beautiful shape. 

Blue lace plus size bra

Now take all these practical issues, and the next challenge is to make them pretty! But it is possible and we are doing it. We have special laces made! I do the pattern design and a lace factory makes it happen. For the much bigger cups, we need to the lace to be around 30cm wide, but where there's a will, there is a way, and this is what sets Viva Curve apart from the rest!

Neon plus size bras, Celebrate your curves

Have you experienced 'breast shaming'? It sadly does happen, even in a world where breast enhancement is a standard practice. Ladies will often wear baggy t -shirts to try and hide their breasts. We think this is nonsense. You should celebrate your curves and feel proud of your's the only one you have. 

Remember, Sexy is not a size, it is an Attitude. And we do our utmost to help you feel gorgeous and sexy! 

Silver metallic sparkly plus size bra

Fitting : No 2 bodies are the same. There is not a standard size sadly as different styles fit differently. During shows, when we 'fit' ladies, we've found 95% of women wear the wrong size bra! Although your underband should be fairly tight to avoid shoulder pressure, I think many shops will sell women an underband that it too tight....and you know why, because they only do pretty bras in small underbands and they are desperate for a sale. That is so wrong as a too tight underband is so uncomfortable and will cause back issues. 

At Viva Curve we aim to give you cute, bright and beautiful bra, in a range of very large cups and underbands, at the same time with fantastic fit and support. 



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