Go Green this St. Patrick's day!

If St. Patrick’s Day is one of your favorite reasons to celebrate, then our Neon Green Bra and Panties SHOP HERE are ideal for the celebration. While you unite your whole crew to enjoy a parade, or a pub-crawl, wear this sexy lingerie under your St Paddy’s tee or under a sheer top and you will also be celebrating your curves.

Whether you go all out on St. Paddy’s and hit the town, or celebrate with your closest friends at your neighborhood bar, there’s no wrong way to drink some beer and have some fun in the name of the Irish. But is it “St. Patty’s Day” or “St. Paddy’s Day?” While it’s been a topic of hot debate over the years, the general consensus is that “St Paddy’s Day” is correct because “Paddy” is the true nickname of “Padraig,” the Anglicized version of Patrick. In our opinion, whether you call it St. Paddy’s Day or St. Patty’s Day, just go out have fun and ask forgiveness later! Read more here History of St. Patrick's Day

This gorgeous Neon Green set is fluorescent and see though sexy lace. Available from 36D up to bra 50 and panties briefs to 8XL. 

An added bonus is that this sets Glow in the dark under UV much FUN!!

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Blue Lace Panties-- S-E-X-Y!
Blue Underwired Plus Size Lace Bra is a stunner!
Thanks so much for the wonderful review!! It's fantastic to hear it from a man's perspective! Million thanks!!
everything is cute
We also love this mermaid bikini!! Glad you managed to get your size, hopefully more soon!!! Thanks so much for your amazing review!!
So Glam
Thank you so much for the lovely review!!! We are so flattered! The neon, turquoise and white are all similar design and fit. Thanks again!