Importance of good bra support and underwire in Plus-size swimwear

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Hi Ladies


Leopard Print Plus size Once piece swimsuit

I'm often asked why we make swimwear with specific bra cup sizes. Unlike most other companies, we do NOT do 'One size fits all' Plus-size swimwear. I mean....are you 'One Size'? I am sure you are not!

I have bigger boobs and smaller bottom. I need:

  • Bra support, as my boobs are heavy. Also, I m older and after 2 bambinos, gravity has taken it's toll, and I need a good lift
  • I need a boob lift with adjustable shoulder straps - my 'lift requirements' will be different from yours
  • I need to pick my bottom size. If I had to buy according to my boob size, the bottoms will be too big. I find a lot of American ladies are the other way round, peachy butts and smaller boobs. By picking separates, you can get the perfect fit!
  • I absolutely love the tie back. Some days I feel fatter than others, and it's much easier with a tie back. That way I can also 'arrange' my back rolls.....the joys of Plus-size, LOL. 

I am sure you've all seen the Nike Mannequin in activewear

There's no reason on this earth why retailers should see Plus-size women as inactive! Many of us love waterparks, bouncing around in the sea and so on. In fact, aqua exercise is the best type of exercise! This fab article explains the reasons why pool exercises are so great for your health! 

Pool exercises and Good Health

So, if you are swimming, the last thing you want is for 'the girls' to pop out and hang out under your arms! To be honest, 'One size fits all' swimsuits also squash your boobs flat like large friend egg! Yuk! 

Mermaid Plus size Bikini

So unless you want to be squashed, hang out or stick in some silicon cup, we recommend Viva Voluptuous.

With our swimsuits you can choose separate bottoms (if bikini option), and we go up to size 10XL and 50 bra underband.  

Have fun in the water lovelies! Celebrate Your Curves!

Liz x

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