Plus-size fashion that is sustainable and more ethical!

Red Plus size Harness Cage bra


Ladies,With the Global Climate Strike upon us, we are very keen to raise awareness of our more sustainable and ethical lingerie and swimwear.


As we are celebrating our first birthday in the US, our President, Liz Willis says ‘We sadly live in a very disposable society. Large retailers will manufacture millions of cheap bras in often unethical factories in Asia and sell them for $10. After 5 washes they fall apart and they end up in landfill’.


Viva Voluptuous manufacture in a highly Ethical factory in Eastern Europe. This means that our plus size bras sell for an average of $38, more than some of the ‘fast fashion’. But with the market average for a well made plus size bra around $90, we are still very affordable. Liz says ‘As our products are lovingly made by hand, they are not only gorgeous and sexy, but will last much longer. Many of our customers value that!’.

Leopard Print Plus size one piece swimsuit

We joined forces with The Bra Recycling Agency (BRA). If customers send their old bras to Viva Voluptuous’ Head Office in Florida, they will receive a 20% discount on a future purchase. Liz says ‘We will send the old bras to BRA where they will recycle the fabric to make carpets. They will also remove the bra underwire and all the proceeds from selling those, will go to cancer research. A much better solution than it just ending up in trash. With October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, we hope this bra collecting drive will make a difference.’

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