Happy Holidays!

Happy Christmas from Viva Curve

Happy Holidays all! It's been a tough year, especially for small businesses like mine. But I'm so grateful for all of you that stood by us! Thank you so much, we could not get to this point without your support! 

I'm sure many of you had to overcome some hurdles in 2020, and I feel for you all! My heart breaks when I see people begging in the street. What a sad state of affairs. 

Throughout the year we pushed various sales and promotions. At times our margin was negative, but we felt we had to help our loyal customers as well. When money it tight, a new bra can be a great uplifting experience. And you stood by us! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Viva Curve, we now ship worldwide

I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas. If you have family you wont be able to see, stay strong. My eldest daughter is stuck in the UK, and I have not see her for more than a year...heartbreaking! I'm sure many of you have similar stories. 

Above all, I have a funny feeling 2021 is going to be a great year! 






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