Gentleman's Guide

You don’t really need a reason, to buy the lady in your life wonderful lingerie, if it’s not for Birthday, Valentine’s Day or Anniversary…it can fall in the Surprise category! And every day can be a Surprise day!

For many guys buying lingerie for the woman in his life is intimidating especially if it is a fairly new relationship. It may send chills down your spine. One thing to always remember “Lingerie is a gift that will keep on giving!’.

Think more about her than yourself when you're buying lingerie, and you'll be way ahead of the game.

The first step in overcoming your fear is knowledge.

Try and ascertain her size, style and personality. Have a peek in her underwear draw to see what size she wears. Does she like silky fabrics or more natural fabrics? Does she wear soft and stretchy or underwired and padded? Does she like bright colors or more neutral colors? Confused? Look at the tags to get the size of her favorite bra and panty.


Try and find Neutral ground

Pick something that will make her feel sexy, but also comfortable. Trust us, you'll be pleased as well as she'll wear it with confidence!” In other words: skip the plastic, crotchless costumes unless you know she’s into that stuff.

Still in doubt, phone a friend, (theirs not yours!)

Her best friend or sister might be able to point you in a reasonably foolproof direction or even stealthily ask them without spoiling the surprise.

Why Viva Voluptuous?

With 67% of American ladies regarded as ‘plus size’ (size 12 and above), it’s almost impossible to find retail shops with sexy lingerie that will flatter and accentuate her curves. That's our specialty! In our online store, you can buy from the comfort of your own home. If you need advice, we can help! Email us at 

Final word of advice

Always buy a set, not only for the full effect, but you do not want her to think you are cheap and bought it from the bargain bin!   

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